TracVision HD11

The TracVision HD11 is a global marine HDTV satellite. It features a 40″ dish with four-axis stabilization on a universal mount. The dish is large enough to receive even weak signals in remote areas. It features sturdy marine grade construction. Due to its automatic reconfiguration, it is capable of communicating with over 100 satellites worldwide. Mobile apps make it possible to be controlled by smartphone or tablet. Moreover engineers are able to remotely assist with diagnostics and software issues around the globe.


TracVision HD11 Satellite TV Antenna

Name Value
Best Use Satellite TV
Compatibility All Ku-band regional services worldwide2


Diameter 1 m (41.5″)
Material UV-Resistant Plastic
Minimum EIRP 42 dBW (Ku-band)

45 dBW (Ka-band)

Tracking Bluewater
Warranty Details Two Years Parts and One Year Labor
Weight 90.7 kg (200 lbs)

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KVH Industries

We here at Marine Tech standby KVH marine satellites. In addition all products are rigorously tested for harsh marine conditions. In addition, they have what we believe is the best pricing plans and service. Very easy to use and offer the very best integration networks. Their global high speed network is blazing fast at sea communications.


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Mobile Installation

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