10-inch Marine Subwoofer Driver, White Sport Grille, 4 Ω

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The 10″ MX10IB3 subwoofer  by JL Audio is a great addition to any existing marine audio system lacking that additional low bass frequency you are missing. Able to run with a minimum of 50W all the way to 175 watts RMS. This  sub allows you to alleviate unnecessary burden of your  smaller speaker of having to produce the lower end frequencies adding more quality sound to the correct speakers, evenly distributed throughout the system. Sturdy and able to withstand the elements of the sea. This subwoofer has undergone rigorous testing, and will last the test of time and sea. For more information and the absolute best pricing call us today and let one of our experts help you find the right fit for your marine application.

Marine Tech

Marine Tech has 25 year of experience. Our customers consider us marine industry experts. Therefore you can always count on our advice. Equally important, customer satisfaction is our goal. Not to mention or professional installers come to you. Of course we specialize in yachts and boats. For your convenience we service Miami & Fort Lauderdale.

Jl Audio “Signature Dealer”

We here at Marine Tech believe JL audio Marine speakers to be the finest brand on the water. In addition all products are rigorously tested. Despite harsh marine conditions JL Audio subwoofers offer a 2 year warranty, when properly installed. Allow us to demonstrate to you how truely we believe in JL Audio.


Allow Marine Tech  to explain how we could make all your systems fully integrated. Our experts are truly experienced marine electronics professionals. We will make all your electronics be controlled by smartphone or tablet. For a free consultation please call us today.

Mobile Installation

Another Key point is our installers come to you. If you are in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale we come to you. In order to better serve our clients and save them money. Our team of insured professional installers are courteous and on time. We are able to do onsite installation at your home, marina or dry dock. You could trust Marine Tech to properly install your MX10IB3 JL Audio  subwoofers .